Bass Arts Students Create Giant Heads!


This summer, Bass Arts Students channeled The Bread and Puppet Theatre as they built their own giant heads!
The students began with choosing a pop culture figure like Harry Potter,
Marilyn Monroe, and Wonder Woman. Using their reference images to mirror the features of the icon they had chosen, they created a clay base which they then sculpted and covered with saran wrap.


img_2012-copy   img_2036-copy

Next, they added a several layers of paper mache and after a day of drying time, they lifted them
off the clay and painted them with bright and vivid
colors, using their printed images as references

img_2089   img_2085


The final product? Lightweight, wearable heads crafted and personalized by each student that are
instantly recognizable and striking.

So what’s next for these colossal craniums? A parade? A puppet show? That’s up to the students to
decide! Each of them will bring home their mask, and new knowledge of sculpture using different




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