Graphic Design: Creating Images That Communicate Ideas


This winter, Bass Arts students will be learning how to create striking eye-catching visuals that communicate an idea. I am sure the next four years will present plenty of issues that will necessitate the creation of art that contains a message.

We are offering two classes that will give students the chance to create statement driven artwork. Our Painting, Drawing, Printmaking & Mixed Media class for kids 13-17 will be focused on creating personally relevant art pieces that contains a message. We are also offering a digital video class called Shoot, Edit and Produce Videos With Your iPhone or iPad, which will teach students the skills they need to create documentaries and movies that communicate a personal statement.

In addition to teaching painting and drawing from observation, creative problem solving using 3D materials and fun stuff like puppet making, teaching students to communicate visually is an important component of my teaching toolbox. I trained and worked as a graphic designer for many years and it is extremely gratifying to share my love of design with my students.

From political statements to advertising, to creating album art, students at Bass Arts have been learning how to tell a story with images and typography for the past 11 years. 




The students learn design principles through lecture, critique and looking at examples of graphic design. They use colored paper, drawings, and other materials to create, cut, paste, and arrange their images resulting in colorful and imaginative finished pieces that are appealing to the eye and quickly communicate a message.


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