Playful Exploration Encouraged


Students are encouraged to playfully explore and experiment with a variety of media, engage in creative problem solving, develop critical thinking skills and have a great time!

Here’s what people have to say:

In a word, Fern Bass is INCREDIBLE. About 3 years ago, I signed my son up for a drawing class with Fern Bass Arts Studio, and the results on the very first day were way beyond my wildest expectations. He produced his first ever figure drawing in that class, which blew me away, and he has been enrolled in Fern’s classes consistently ever since. His drawings just keep getting better and better, and his confidence has soared. My son looks forward to going to his two hour class every week, and the work that comes out of that studio is amazing, not just from my son, but from every student Fern instructs. She has great rapport with her students; she is truly a gifted teacher, working with whatever talents and personality each student presents to her, and she miraculously brings out of each student what other teachers simply cannot. I would highly recommend that you sign yourself or your child up for a class, even if you don’t think there is any talent there, because I can guarantee you that if there is, Fern will magically find it and bring it out, and in the process, it will be fun and along with beautiful art, bring self confidence and self awareness too. Arlene Putnam, Montclair

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