Portfolio Development

“Back Of Figure”, Charcoal on paper, by Ellie Waggoner

Students are guided through the college application process and receive one on one guidance in organizing their existing work while defining areas to make new artwork. Call 973-509-7588 or email studio@fernbass.com for more information

“When I first started working with Fern Bass, my drawing skills hadn’t even reached the point of stick-figures. After ten months of lessons with Fern, my drawing had developed so thoroughly that I was accepted into some of the country’s best art colleges. From contour line drawing to figure drawing to abstract still lifes, I became a more diverse and confident artist in less than a year. Her ability to quickly yet completely establish an artistic foundation for a beginner and work to help an advanced artist clarify their vision makes her an indispensable resource to all artists.” Calvin Roberts, Pratt ’14