Fern Bass is a wonderful, wise and inspirational teacher. My daughter took classes and art camp with her from elementary school through middle school and I have taken her classes and workshops for adults. We both adore Fern and have so many wonderful projects that we have made with her displayed proudly in our home. Fern is able to find the artist in everyone and really works to develop confidence and self-expression in the young and the old. She is a master teacher and mentor. Joanna Scheier, Montclair NJClearSpacerIn a word, Fern Bass is INCREDIBLE. About 3 years ago, I signed my son up for a drawing class with Fern Bass Arts Studio, and the results on the very first day were way beyond my wildest expectations. He produced his first ever figure drawing in that class, which blew me away, and he has been enrolled in Fern’s classes consistently ever since. His drawings just keep getting better and better, and his confidence has soared. My son looks forward to going to his two hour class every week, and the work that comes out of that studio is amazing, not just from my son, but from every student Fern instructs. She has great rapport with her students; she is truly a gifted teacher, working with whatever talents and personality each student presents to her, and she miraculously brings out of each student what other teachers simply cannot. I would highly recommend that you sign yourself or your child up for a class, even if you don’t think there is any talent there, because I can guarantee you that if there is, Fern will magically find it and bring it out, and in the process, it will be fun and along with beautiful art, bring self confidence and self awareness too. Arlene Putnam, MontclairClearSpacerI enrolled my daughter in Fern’s drawing program to nurture and grow her talent and skill. We couldn’t be happier with that decision. The classes are small — every student gets individual attention and quality instruction. And Fern’s love of teaching art is obviously a great joy to her, and her students respond in kind. The caliber of the students’ work is impressive. Our daughter not only loves the classes but feels that she is learning valuable techniques. I sincerely recommend Fern Bass Art Studio.  Roma Torre, MontclairClearSpacerFern Bass is the absolute ideal instructor. My daughter was always interested in art but we had little luck finding an art class that could tap her talents. And then we met Fern. She’s got a terrific “eye” and she knows just how to inspire her students to creative heights. Her studio is a great learning environment – comfortable and vibrant. And she keeps her classes small so that she can devote plenty of individual attention to her young artists. My daughter’s work has improved a thousand percent and it’s all because of Fern’s stimulating classes.  Randi Rosh, MontclairClearSpacerI highly recommend any child who has a passion for art to attend Bass Art Studio – my daughter Allie, age 8, has been attending Fern’s classes now for about three years and the work she does never stops amazing me – whether it be a mosaic or paper mache mask, Allie’s work looks like something a teenager would do – Fern manages to bring out my daughter’s talent more and more each week – I cannot say enough about this school of art – Allie is now dreaming of opening up her own art studio when she grows up – just to follow in her teacher’s footsteps!  Gina Vinick, North CaldwellClearSpacerWe can’t say enough good things about Bass Art Studio. When our daughter was younger, we appreciated the creative and age-appropriate projects she worked on in Fern’s classes. Today, after studying with Fern for six years, we are amazed at the technical skills and artistic perspective that Fern has nurtured in her. Through after-school classes and the summer art program, our daughter has developed what we are sure will be a life-long love of painting.  Peter Cole, MontclairClearSpacerThe improvements in my daughter’s art skills Fern facilitated are amazing! My daughter has taken many classes in Montclair but Fern’s has been the best by far. She instructs, encourages and connects with her students in a way that allows her students to recognize their individual strengths and talents. Bass Art Studio is a real Jewel. Greta Waggoner, MontclairClearSpacerOur 17 year old son originally went to Fern Bass for drawing lessons because he wanted to apply to art school as a photography major, needed to include drawings in his portfolio, but had no prior experience with art lessons of any kind. What began as a perfunctory and somewhat dreaded series of lessons has blossomed into a new found passion under Fern’s skilled mentorship. Beyond her technical abilities and her gift for teaching them, it is Fern’s respect and enthusiasm for the artistic voice in each of her students and her ability to draw that out in a safe and creative environment that makes her so special. When a teacher is able to ignite a spark in a student and open up a whole new world to them, then you know that teacher has a special gift. Fern is that kind of teacher. Cathy Roberts, MontclairClearSpacerWe take art seriously in my family, which is why I was willing to trek my 11 and 13 year old kids into Manhattan for quality classes if that’s what it took. We looked at possibilities at the Art Students League of NY and at a few of the museums, but we decided on the Bass Art Studio in our hometown of Montclair, NJ. Fern Bass, who heads the studio, is an inspiring, gifted and patient teacher. She zeros in on a student’s talent immediately and works to hone and encourage those gifts in each of her classes. I highly recommend the Bass Art Studio, truly one of Montclair’s most wonderful resources. Tina Kolomatsky, MontclairClearSpacerThe individualized instruction at Bass Arts Studio helped my son prepare an art school portfolio that truly showcases his interests and talentsRika Alper, MontclairClearSpacer“Fern is able to connect to each student individually. She takes the time to find out what each student’s artistic preferences and natural abilities are, and develops those characteristics .  My son really connects to expressionism and my daughter prefers impressionism. My home is covered with all of their wonderful paintings and drawings and when guests come over they are amazed at their work. Fern finds the artist in every student.” Geraldine Copobianco, MontclairClearSpacer“My daughter has taken several classes at Bass Art Studio. Fern is especially talented in bringing out her students’ individual creative vision while building their skills. Her classes are fun, her students are inspired by their own growth, and Fern’s enthusiasm is contagious.”  Ann Mernin, MontclairClearSpacer“My 15 year old daughter, Tess Silverman, has been studying with Fern for the past three years, in both private and group classes. She has grown tremendously in terms of skills, style, technique, confidence in her creative abilities, and self-esteem through this process. Fern has such respect for teaching and supporting each student where they are, honoring the individual, while encouraging personal style and expression. If you’re looking for an amazing art teacher and creative community, you’ve found it with Bass Arts Studio.” Deborah Dunn, Montclair