Young Fashion Designers Supply List

Illustration Supplies

Mechanical Pencils
Sanford Magic Rub Eraser
Sketch Pad 9×12 (50 Sheets)
Tracing Paper Pad 9×12 (50 Sheets)
Letraset Bleedproof Marker Pad 9×12 (50 Sheets)
Paper Scissors
Glue Stick
1 Black Foam Core Board (20”x30”)
2-3 sources of inspiration you can cut up (i.e. National Geographic, Interior Design books, magazines, etc…)
Markers (Pantone or Prismacolor brands ok)
-2 flesh tones, 1 lighter, one darker (for shading)
-1 black
-3-6 colors of your choice

Sewing supplies

Sewing machine (basic Sears Kenmore or basic Singer available at Target)
Fabric scissor
18″x 2″ clear plastic ruler
White thread
Magnetic Pin Cushion
Package of hand sewing needles
3 yards of cotton muslin (white or ivory)
Tape measure
Seam gauge
Pins (large heads)
Mechanical pencils
Sketchbook (9”x12”)

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