Painting & Drawing Supply List


Winsor & Newton Artisan Water-Soluble Oil Colors 37ml Tubes *

burnt umber

burnt sienna

Raw umber

yellow ochre

cadmium red medium

cadmium yellow light

French ultramarine blue

Prussian blue

Pthalo green

alizarin crimson

large tube of titanium white

small jar pure refined Cobra water soluble linseed oil (NOT WINSOR & NEWTON!)

small box of latex rubber gloves


Two bristle brights (size #4 ); three bristle filberts (size #2, and #6); two bristle rounds (size  #6); two bristle flats (size #2 and #4) one large inexpensive brush (around 2” wide)


2  canvas boards:  20” x 24”

art bin, tool box or tupperware bin big enough to hold everything.

*Please make sure they are WATER SOLUBLE

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