Kids Camp 2017

Art Camp For Kids Ages 7-13

July 10-August 11  

9am to 2pm • Five days per week  • Sign up for any combination of weeks.

IMG_3321 copyWe aim to to equip students with the technical tools they need to express and articulate their ideas. Children will develop skills while learning to trust their intuition.

Campers will create three art projects per week. The projects will be inspired by art from all over the world. Children will learn about art history and culture through lecture and discussion, and by looking at examples of art, listening to music  sculpture, printmaking and paper mache.

All campers need to bring a bag lunch and a mid-morning snack. They will have ample time to eat and play outside, so please have them bring sunscreen.


Summer Art Adventure Itinerary

Week 1: July 10-14  The Great Migrations

Campers will learn about Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series, depicting the migration of African Americans to the northern United States from the South that began in 1910.  Taking inspiration from this renowned series of 60 paintings, they will examine their own family’s immigration stories and use these narratives as subjects for a painting, a mixed media piece and a sculpture $395 

Week 2: July 17-21  Dada & Surrealism

Mystical, metaphysical and fantastical!   We will warm up by playing Surrealist games such as Exquisite Corpse and step into the surreal universe of Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte and Marcel Duchamp. Then we will create an assemblage sculpture, a collage and a surrealistic painting.  $395 

Week 3: July 24-28  Native America, North and South

This week, campers will learn about the art of the Native peoples of the Pacific Northwest and Mesoamerica and create a totem pole, a painting and a mosaic embellished relief sculpture inspired by the art of the Aztecs.  $395

Week 4: July 31-August 4  Adventures in Wonderland

Campers will spend this fun week conjuring up Alice and her pals the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and the rest of the crazy crew. They will create paintings, sculptures and mixed media pieces inspired by Lewis Carrol’s beloved tales. $395

Week 5: August 7-11  Gorgons, Banshees, Zombies and Creepy Creatures

Campers will create a menagerie of monsters in two and three dimensions. They will write and illustrate a story, create a sculpture and a painting. $395 



IMG_1071Painting & Drawing Intensive For Kids 12-15

June 26-30 • 10AM-3PM 

The focus of this week is drawing and painting from direct observation. Students will increase their skills while drawing and painting from the live model, still life and landscape.

Composition, value, line, proportion and color theory will be highlighted. Self expression and the development of individual artistic voice will be encouraged in a relaxed environment. Students of all levels are welcome.  All students must bring a bag lunch and a mid-morning snack. Art supplies and model fees are included in the tuition.   $525




Fine Arts Sampler For Kids 12-15

*July 3-7 • 10AM-4PM

FullSizeRender (62) copy

During this varied and exciting week, students will learn new skills while working with an array of materials and disciplines.

Students will learn the process of creating a mosaic from start to finish and master skills such as cutting, gluing, grouting. They will use vitreous and stained glass tiles. They will also learn linoleum cut and mono printmaking techniques and use a press to make multiple prints.

Self expression and the development of artistic voice will be encouraged in a relaxed environment. Students of all levels are welcome.  All students must bring a bag lunch and a snack. Art supplies are included in the tuition.

*No class July 4th.





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